NYPL: Google Books in CATNYP!

Starting September 10, 2007, NYPL is offering access via CATNYP to the digital copies of its collections scanned by Google. You may search for an item in the CATNYP catalog and if a digital copy is available, you may link to the copy that is part of Google Book Search. Scans of books will be made available first; periodicals and journals scanned by Google will be linked in CATNYP records in a few months. It is NYPL’s intention to eventually provide direct access to copies of the digital files we receive from Google. For instructions on easy ways to find NYPL’s Google Books in CATNYP, see our FAQ with hints on searching. To access a searchable list of all NYPL’s Google Books in CATNYP please click here


NYPL has links not only the PD books but also to books which snippet view. It is not marked if a book can be viewed as full text.

Example for a record with Google link:

Unfortunately the Google books are presented in a frame. Therefore one cannot see the Google ID. It is not possible to circumvent the Google post-1864 DRM for Non-US users by using CATNYP.

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