US: Deacessioning archival collections

Example from archives-l:

The American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming, has recently deaccessioned two collections because they no longer fit our collecting policy. If interested, or if you have questions, please contact me off-list at

1. Wilbur Topham collection: 6.5 cubic feet of vinyl records of a mix of music (jazz, country, blues) from the 1940s-1970s. Albums include:
“Lost April/Nature Boy” by The King Cole Trio
“Flo from St. Joe Moe/Suspicion” by Tex Williams
“I’m Happy Being Me/Words” by Mills Brothers
“Pilgrim’s Song/None But the Lonely Heart” by Nelson Eddy

This collection has an itemized list that I would be happy to email you. Please note we would like to send the collection as a whole.

2. Lowell D. Ashby: 25 cubic feet of material related to Ashby’s professional career and economics in North Carolina and the South. Ashby received degrees from Hastings College (1936), the University of Nebraska (1938), and the University of Wisconsin (1948). He was a professor at UNC-Chapel Hill, worked at the Department of Commerce (1962-1981), and managed the Potomac Investment Club.

Includes Department of Commerce reports and publications, college and military service records, and Southern Regional Science Association material, journals, and publications. Please email for a more descriptive summary.

Thank you,

Laura Uglean
Archival Specialist
American Heritage Center
University of Wyoming

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