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deserves a few more words. He’s been compiling it for almost 9
years, originally at his home institution, Univ. of California
Irvine, and then under the auspices of the University of Birmingham,
UK when the University of California (to its shame) stopped providing
the website. He’s very responsive to corrections, suggestions, and

The links are to freely accessible digitized Neo-Latin works (25,000+
now). So books on a subscription-only database like Early English
Books On-Line are not included. The range of authors, subjects, and
publishing dates is enormous. In addition to primary sources, it
includes lots of 17-19th C scholarship done in Latin.

The project is so important to my own research (early modern science
and medicine) that the URL is bookmarked right at the top of my
browser’s favorites list. I just checked its updates of recently
added authors and works
(http://www.philological.bham.ac.uk/bibliography/new.html) and found
2 works by Conrad Gesner that I hadn’t known about. I find myself
recommending the site to fellow scholars in many fields every week.

I agree with Klaus Graf that anyone planning to create a database of
early Latin imprints (which would certainly be useful) ought to start
by talking with Prof. Sutton.

Karen Reeds in SHARP-L

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