Zur Zerstückelung der Truro-Library

Via http://www.cronaca.com/archives/005540.html lesen wir in einem Telegraph-Artikel:

Ours times are like those of John Aubrey’s grandfather, after the dissolution of the monasteries, when “manuscripts flew about like butterflies”, only to be used to wrap gloves and line pies.


Aus einem Leserkommentar:

The Trustees of Bishop Phillpotts’ Library may consider themselves unlucky that their sale has attracted all the hostile publicity. Although their incompetence was, indeed, shocking, other sales elsewhere, equally deserving condemnation, have (so far) eluded general notice. Probably the worst case was that of Pusey House, Oxford, which sent virtually all of its pre-19th century collection (thousands of volumes) to Christie’s in a vast jumble of cardboard boxes in 2005. No serious attempt was made, either by Pusey House or by Christies, to catalogue what was sold: the result was another dealers’ bonanza. Complaints to Pusey House at the time were either ignored or met with the bland assurance that ‘nothing significant’ had been sold – a claim that was subsequently eloquently refuted when the dealers in antiquarian theology started to issue their catalogues a month or two later.

Unsere Berichterstattung zu den englischen Kirchenbibliotheken:


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