World Manuscript Data Bank?

It is possible for researchers and academics to search information on bibliographies and manuscripts which are available at libraries located in North America, Europe, Arab countries and Asia via

Forget it if you don’t know the Persian language!

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  1. At
    there is now (2008-12-04, 10:15h GMT+1) i.a. the following English text:

    TEHRAN — World manuscript data bank project has been stopped, the project’s program manager Nasser Golbaz told MNA on Friday.

    The administrative organizations have not cooperated in the project and Iran’s Book House, which was project’s sponsor also withdrawn. The project has been overlooked since the opening day and its activity has ground to a halt now, he added.

    I didn’t find any information as to whether this suspension is meant to be permanent, and I had no opportunity to make use of the project while it was there (so I don’t know how great the loss is).

    1. There is a large (?) database available You can search and find someting at the adress I mentioned but only in Farsi. I could found yesterday no western letter (except numbers).

      See e.g.

      Today I found e.g. the following string:

      note 8 ، intr .Biach cf .sgg 251 ، Qorantexte des Geschichte

      You cannot search for such notes.

      Have fun!

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