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The Chamber of Engineers of the German district of Nordrhein Westfalen hardly accused the city of Cologne and the Cologne transport services. It seems that persons in charge did not take crucial indications seriously (RP-Online 08.03.2009 17:28 via Archivalia@Twitter).

Fifty students, lectures and further staff of the Archivschule Marburg will assist the Cologne Historical Archive authority at the scene. The team from Marburg will help to rescue, record and range the archival material. They are going to start there work on Monday March 9th. (Archivalia 08.03.2009 16.28)

On Monday, 9th 2009 the “Konferenz der Archivreferenten des Bundes und der Laender” will consult about assistances that can be offered to the Cologne Historical Archive. (Archivalia 08.03.2009 16:45)

Tonight the body of the seventeen-years old Kevin, one of the two missing persons, was discovered in the debris. It was also reported on a press conference, held today in Cologne, that tonight a collection of seals has been founded. The provisional roof of 50 m is going to be built altogether in two days. (Archivalia 08.03.2009 16:14)

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