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In respect to the human and cultural catastrophe, relating to the Cologne Historical Archive’s building collapse on March 3rd 2009 (Multilingual information available on International Council on Archives), Salon Jewish Studies extends its usual information supply to help persons affected and to rescue as much as archival material as possible. The text below is based on the reporting by Klaus Graf in Archivalia.

Possbilities of aid (The system for effective rescue of material is in a developing state: This means ‘patience’ for all the supporters) German version on Archivalia

I. Aid in person, logistics, material

Archivists and Archives please contact:
Archival consultations of LVR Rheinland
Phone 0049-(0)2234-9854-255
Email: [Rheinisch-Westfaelisches Wirtschaftsarchiv Koeln]
This is the place where the aid is developed and coordinated and forwarded to the local crisis team in Cologne. (Contact to the LVR in English is possible.)
Alternatively, you can email the crisis team in Cologne:

Conservators please contact (Updated):
Bert Jacek (University of applied siences Cologne)
Email: (details needed see above)

Information for both archivists and conservators (UPDATED)
Personal Data needed in Email-requests: name, agency, possible dates and working hours as well as your contact information)
Min. duration of work assignment is 3 days. Work will be done all week long (7 days). There are shifts of 6 hours starting at 8:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Accommodation and board will be taken care of.
Tasks at the scene in Cologne for Archivists and conservators:
Fellows who want to join the team in Cologne are going to
1) record rescued material in lists
2) develop the future working process (restauration, professional storage solutions)
3) provisionally box the material

(For general requests, please contact the archival information service of the LVR Rheinland
under +49 (0)2234 9854-225)

stack-rooms holders (UPDATED)
The material that is capable to be stored, will be taken to a new building of the Cologne Historical Archive. For this purpose shelves are needed.
Please contact:
You are ask for the following data:
1) Archive’s name
2) Shelf surface in meters (please tell the shelf measurements: lenght, width, distance between shelf surfaces)
3) location and facilities of the stack-room (air-conditioning, cooling or the like
4) duration of storage possibilities (in months)

Owners of cold-storage rooms (in Cologne area):
Some of the documents were wet when rescued, they were frozen. The crisis team is now looking for cold-storage rooms around Cologne. Available companies please contact: (Archivalia 05.03.2009 22:51)

Citizens can register for three possible dates to help, on:

II. Financial Support

Donations for the families of the victims:
Recipient: Stadt Köln
Account Number: 190 319 0419
Heading: Severin
Bank Name: Stadtsparkasse Köln-Bonn
Bank Code: 370 501 98

Donations for the Historical Archive to rescue the archival inventory:
Recipient: Freunde des historischen Archivs der Stadt Köln e.V. [Society of friends of the Historical Archive City Cologne e.V.]
Account Number: 1900458959
Heading: Rettung Archiv
Bank Name: Sparkasse Köln Bonn
Bank Code: 370 501 98
(The society issues receipts for the donations.)


Recipient: Verein der Freunde des Stadtarchivs Mannheim e.V. [Society of friends oft he City Archive Mannheim e.V.]
Account Number: 663 636 600
Heading: Spende für Köln
Bank Name: Dresdner Bank AG Mannheim
Bank Code: BLZ 670 800 50
(The society issues receipts for the donations.)

Via Mail (UPDATED): Historische Gesellschaft Köln, Mailbox 10 22 51, 50462 Cologne,
Contact-Information: phone +49 (0) 221 5102604, fax +49 (0) 0221 5736-203 E-Mail:

III. Virtual Reconstruction of the Archival Material

The Digitized Historical Archive Cologne is collecting any kind of scans that have ever made of the inventory. If you hold any of this, please contact:

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