A Day in life of Rachel Bellinger, Assistant Archivist at the Royal Archives (Windsor Castle).

“ ….Describe a typical day:
My day is usually extremely varied, but generally includes answering enquiries from both members of the public and other Royal Household Departments, using papers held in the Royal Archives. The subject of enquiries can range from genealogical research to requests for speech material from the offices of Members of the Royal Family.
I also spend some of each day cataloguing part of our collection, either on our computer database or adding to our manual indexes. We also admit research academics to the Royal Archives which entails supervision, providing assistance with enquiries and checking texts.
Quite frequently I will need to spend time on preparation for exhibitions and there is also a manual aspect to this job, as we have to deal with new accessions of material and undertake projects to re-box and re-organise parts of our collection within the archive stores. ….“

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Thanks to the twittering library mistress!

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