Google verbirgt digitales Zeitungsarchiv und empört Mexiko-Forscher

Google kaufte 2006 das digitale Zeitungsarchiv “Paper of Record”, gewährte aber ab Januar 2009 keinen Zugriff mehr, was insbesondere Forscher zur mexikanischen Geschichte aufbrachte.


Richard Salvucci, a professor of economics at Trinity University, in Texas, said he has been blocked from pushing ahead on research on a lender that played a role in the Panic of 1837 in Mexico. Noting that Mexico’s universities and government paid for some of the digitization of the newspapers from the country, Salvucci said “who the hell is Google to deny the very people who paid the freight the right to see their national patrimony? It stinks and it’s an unfriendly and uncollegial gesture.”

Word of the situation has also upset scholars in Mexico, where the Mexican Association for Economic History has issued a resolution (available here in Spanish) condemning Google and calling for the material to be made available immediately.

While Google declined to discuss the situation with Inside Higher Ed and has not returned the calls of many scholars, it has spoken with Bob Huggins, the founder of Paper of Record. Huggins said that he has permission to bring the site back up, and plans to do so next week, until Google is prepared to offer access to the archives.

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