Nicholas Basbanes on the USF

Nicholas Basbanes knew Father William Monihan, principal begetter of the University of San Francisco rare book collection. For his current thoughts on the sale of rare materials from the USF library, see

In his piece, Basbanes mentions Brandeis University’s proposed demolition of its Rose Museum. For a detailed account of the story so far there, see
Greg Cook, the author of this “Boston Phoenix” article, points out that donors have long memories:
When you’re giving your own money or your own heirlooms, you’re personally invested. You’re not likely to make a donation that might get pawned. Future gifts to Brandeis and other institutions will surely come with restrictions.

Cook concludes as follows:

If no art winds up getting sold, why we were put through this trauma in the first place? And either way, will Brandeis be forgiven? Much will depend on the degree to which we’re all hurt by the global recession. But if an institution, in order to survive, has to sell what it was given in trust in other, words, to say, “We can’t afford integrity” what does that say about where we all are?
To give Brandeis its due, the president of the University and its trustees did announce the sale of the Rose collection in advance, before actually taking action, thus (perhaps intentionally) opening themselves up to the possibility of alternate plans. What is most offensive about Stephen Privett’s fire-sale merchandising at USF is the secrecy with which he clothed his actions.

From Terry Belanger via EXLIBRIS

On the USF case:

On the Brandeis case:

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