The University of Michigan and Google Amended Digitization Agreement

Text (36 pp.)


Failure to Provide Access. Beginning on the Amendment Effective
Date, if Google fails to offer a free service to end users with respect to any work
in the Non-Settlement Digital Copy that Google has determined to be in the
public domain that enables end users to search, view and print the full text of that
public domain work (unless the Digital Copy of such work is excluded by Google
for quality, technical, or legal reasons) for (i) any period of six (6) contiguous
months or (ii) any two (2) periods of ninety (90) contiguous days, which periods
occur in any period of twenty-four (24) contiguous months, then all restrictions
and requirements set forth in the Agreement (including without limitation Sections
4.4.1, 4.4.2, and this 4.4.4) regarding use or distribution of the Digital Copy of
that public domain work for which Google failed to offer such services by U of M
or by any recipient entity will terminate, provided U of M has provided written
notice to Google of such failure and Google has not remedied such failure within
thirty (30) days following Google’s receipt of such notice.

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