H-Net needs money

Dear faithful H-Net readers:

Having served as presidents of H-Net and for many years as working
editors for our various networks, we are addressing you with this appeal
for support to sustain our common organization through an approaching
time of great difficulty. The fact is that the recession finally has
made its way to H-Net and is having a significant impact on our fiscal
condition, including our regular operating budget. Our Job Guide is a
major source of our revenues, and its excellent performance for the past
few years enabled us to complete vital work on rebuilding our reviews
publications system and replace aging servers. But as we all well know,
the academic job market is in a severe slump, with dire consequences for
our organization.

In response the officers and council have been making some difficult
decisions to tighten belts and reduce expenses, seek out new sources of
revenue, and find ways to produce greater efficiencies. Our partners at
Michigan State University, including our computing host, Matrix, are
also facing adverse circumstances given our state’s struggling economy,
but are helping out where they can.

But we still need your help. We are conducting a rare Spring donations
campaign to help us reduce the strain on our cash flow, enable us to
retain vital professional staff, and keep our services free and open.
We hope that the value you place on the diverse H-Net services provided
to you not only through our individual communities but through the
incomparable H-Net Reviews will inspire you to make a generous
contribution. Please go directly to the H-Net home page
[http://www.h-net.org] to click on the “Donate” link along the menu bar at the top right hand side of the page.

Donations by U.S taxpayers are deductible and may receive favorable tax-treatment in other countries. There are three convenient modes for making donations:

1. Via a Verisign secure site which accepts major credit cards:


2. By mail; please provide a return address and e-mail address so we can
send you a receipt and properly credit your gift; checks should be payable

H-Net Donations
8A Morrill Hall
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824-1046 USA


3. By phone +517 432 5134, during regular business hours (8-12, 1-5
Eastern US time M-F) at Michigan State University. Our staff processes
donations through the site above, so please call only if you are unable
to use the website to make your gift, or if you have a specific question
for us.


Kelly Woestman
Professor of History
Pittsburg State University
President, H-Net

Frank Conlon
Professor of History, Emeritus
University of Washington

Kriste Lindenmeyer
Professor of History
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Robert Cherny
Professor of History
San Francisco State University

Sara Tucker
Professor of History
Washburn University

Steven Mintz
Director, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Teaching Center
Columbia University

Gus Seligmann
Associate Professor of History
University of North Texas

Paul Turnbull
Professor of History and Humanities, Head of Department
Griffith University

Jean Stuntz
Associate Professor of History
West Texas A&M

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