Archivar im britischen Kurzfilm: "The Archivist" James Lees (London 2008)

A man explores his dual obsessions, his girlfriend and the art of vacuum packing, in a beautiful story about what it is to love and to never let go. Can a perfect moment be preserved forever?

short fact
Tasked with making a short film inspired by a piece of music (Wild Beasts – She Purred While I Grred) on a budget of only £5000, we challenged ourselves to tell an intricate story without dialogue, beautifully shot and about something which, in the tiniest darkest part of the mind, anyone that has ever been in love can relate to no matter how fantastical it may seem.

director James Lees
writer David Whitehouse
producer Libby Durdy
editor William Bridges
director of photography Lol Crawley
sound Steve Parker and Richard Lewis
music Wild Beasts – She Purred

The Archivist Finlay Robertson
Archive number 1723, Girl Shonagh Marshall
Cat Murray Mint


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