Neue Bestände beim Historischen Archiv der Europäischen Union (engl):

Economic and Social Committee
The inventory for the Economic and Social Committee sub-fonds for 1973 is now available online. The material was catalogued and transferred to Florence by the Archives Services of the Economic and Social Committee in Brussels and consists of 585 files (14.4ml).
The Economic and Social Committee is a consultative organ, constituted by the Rome Treaty, which takes part in the decision-making process through opinions, with no legal bearing on the final decisions. In 1973, the Committee was consulted in matters assigned to it by the treaty: agricultural policy (multilateral negotiations within the framework of the GATT, CAP outcome), transport, economic and monetary policy (balance sheets, annual report, taxes on business accounts), overseas development (EEC- AASM), social policy (creation of a Foundation for the improvement of living and working conditions, social action program), regional policy (creation of a Committee and European Development Fund), industrial and technology policy (emission studies) and energy policy.
The complete inventory to the Council of Ministers (CM2) fonds for 1964 is now available. This fonds which is composed of 1,540 files provides information on the meetings held during 1964 of the Ministers and Permanent Representatives of the EEC and ECSC.
Primarily, this fonds deals with the internal organization and administration of the Council, as well as the merging of the Executives. The documents illustrate the activities of the Council with regard to implementation of the first common policies such as the acceleration of the Customs Union, the difficult elaboration of the common transport policy, the adoption of a common economic policy – encapsulating the economic situation as well as providing information on the work of the Monetary Committee – the first regulations dealing with a common agricultural policy, the GATT trade negotiations within the framework of the Kennedy Round, the cooperation in the field of nuclear research and the agreement between Euratom, the United States and the OECD. Relations between the Community and third countries and with International Organizations such as the UN, FAO, GATT and the Council of Europe are well documented in the material.”


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