Archivio di stato di Roma : progetto Imago II

Produced by the Archivio di Stato di Roma, the Imago II Project website is an excellent resource, providing access to digital reproductions of some of the most heavily-used and important fonds in the Archive. At time of review, eight fonds have been digitized, comprising: the Alessandrino land registry; the Urban land registry; the Gregorian land registry; the Old land registry maps; Parchments; Precious volumes; Notaries and Tesoreries. Explanatory texts introduce each fond, presenting a description of documents included, while a more general guide to the collection of the Archivio di Stato di Roma is available in PDF. Users can search or browse each fond. Digital facsimiles are of outstanding quality and images can be enlarged to enable better viewing. The Alessandrino land registry, for example, makes available a strong and rare collection of more than 400 aquarelle maps and fine images of the Roman countryside. The Gregorian land registry section presents a selection of reproductions of maps surveying the Papal States taken from the 1835 land registry of Pope Gregory XVI. It comprises in excess of 1.400 images. Free registration is required to access the database and the digital facsimiles. A short bibliography on the Project and its achievements is available for consultation. The website has been listed on the Unesco Archives Portal.
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