Mormon historians lobby to save archivist's job

“Some scholars of early Mormon history have begun a letter-writing campaign in hopes of preserving the job of an archivist who works for the Community of Christ, an Independence, Mo.-based church.
Ron Romig, 60, has worked as the lead archivist for the church since 1988. He said he was told June 15 that his position – and those of other church employees – were being cut for budgetary reasons.
Scholars say Romig is an invaluable resource who has helped dozens of historians complete research and books related to the early Mormon church and the distinct religious movements that sprang from Mormonism after the death of church founder Joseph Smith.
“It’s amazing how many times I pick up a new book on Mormon history, and when you look at the list of people who have helped (the author), there’s Ron Romig’s name,” said Bill Russell, an emeritus professor of American history and government at Graceland University in Lamoni, Iowa.
Russell, a member of the Community of Christ, said he recognizes the economic reality of the times, but fears church leaders don’t “understand the value of an archivist.” …..
“Romig is, over the last 20 years, the person most responsible for creating a cross culture of history, moving beyond just LDS or Community of Christ history into a larger concept of Mormon history,” said Melvin C. Johnson, a professor of history and English at Angelina College in Lufkin, Texas. “He has been really important in cutting down a lot of the angst, anger and religious one-upsmanship.”
So far, Community of Christ president Steve Veazey has received 18 letters written on Romig’s behalf, church spokeswoman Kendra Friend said. …..
Romig is scheduled to leave his job at the end of August. He said the church has been gracious in allowing him some time to try and secure a new position…….”


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