Hörtipp: CLOUD ARCHIVE – Left The Bright Opening…

“Okay, so we have to admit that the first time we listened to this album, a customer was playing the Rastan game at the front of the store. The music from both sources somehow got enmeshed and became one crazy adventure soundtrack!
On its own, Cloud Archive’s first album Left The Bright Opening… has its own fair share of epic dynamics. The band draws from some very familiar instrumental post rock traditions — the loud/quiet bursts, the hypnotic cyclical guitar and basslines — but they avoid the obstacles of triteness and redundancy. Sometimes it seems like the guitars are escaping in a getaway car separate from the rest of the band, but hang on tight, they weave and roam and find each other again. A terrific debut.”

Quelle: http://www.aquariusrecords.org/bin/search.cgi

“Twenty minutes of music shouldn’t be allowed to sound this convincing. Cloud Archive is California’s latest offering, showcasing a smooth rhythmic foundation with progressive and ambient elements balanced in perfect harmony. The band knows how to pack a punch, as it wastes no time going straight for the jugular when it so desires; however, Cloud Archive is not all brawn and no brains. Several tracks on this short EP demonstrate an adept knowledge of cinematic soundscapes, complementing their rowdy compositions with splashes of panacean sounds.”
Quelle: http://www.myspace.com/cloudarchive

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