Ottawa building to preserve nitrate film

“Library and Archives Canada has begun construction on a new storage facility for Canada’s film heritage.
The $17-million project in west Ottawa will include a building to store 5,000 movies made using nitrate-based film and 600,000 photo negatives dating back to 1912.
The federal government awarded the construction contract for the 12,700-square-foot facility to Ottawa-based Laurin Group last week. A design by Ottawa-based Schoeler & Heaton Architects Inc. was approved in 2005.
All of the historic and archival works from 1890 to 1950 are on nitrate-based film, including one of Canada’s earliest dramas, Back to God’s Country.
Canada has been at risk of losing this history because the current storage building is inadequate….
The new building will have 22 individual “vaults” measuring about 1.8 metres across by 4.2 metres deep. ….
The building is expected to be ready in a year. The current site, built in the 1940s on the Rockcliffe Air Base, is being turned over to the Canada Lands Corp. for future redevelopment.”


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