Besprechung des Directory of Open Access Journals

Zu den immer wieder von mir beklagten Lücken:

“Among others, I tested 13 journals published by the European Geoscience Union and found correct matches for 12 journals. The exception was the journal Solid Earth. I also tested the availability of 20 open-access journals in Library and Information Science, and there were records for 19 of them – a very good ratio. The only title missing from DOAJ was the Chinese Librarianship, but when verifying my search later it did appear, producing a 20/20 hit rate. Overall, the open access journals published in China and available in DOAJ (14), seem to represent a fraction of the ones that would probably qualify for inclusion. Ulrich’s has information about almost twice as many open-access journals published in China, but even that may be a number significantly lower than the actual one. For my samples for the immediately open-access journals (i.e. excluding books) hosted by HighWire Press, the availability ratio in DOAJ was only 60%.”

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