Cultural Riches Turn to Rubble in Haiti Quake


At the National Archives, there was some structural damage, but important historical documents did not appear threatened, said Bernard Hadjadj, a special envoy for Unesco.

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  1. Sad event in Haiti Melanie wrote: “….On August 20, 2009, the culture and communication Minister (Mr. Oslen Jean Julien) launched the planning of the activities for the 150 years commemoration of the National Archives of Haiti (created in 1860), which was to take place on August 20, 2010. Among the activities that were planned; a documentary on the National Archives, workshops on teaching the history of Haiti, an exposition baptized “Treasures of the National Archives” and the construction of the “City of Archives” whose first stone should have been placed solemnly on August 20, 2010.
    Olsen Jean Julien and Jean Wilfrid Bertrand, Director of the National Archives mentioned the problems involved in the archives of the country, the particular difficulty in accessing and conservation of the documents. According to the director of Anh, the documents of the 19th Haitian century remain inaccessible today and many are currently in danger, because their conditions of conservation are inadequate. “If nothing is done, he added, we go in the next years towards an amnesic society. ” (statement made on August 20th, 2009) …”

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