Bibliography on Medieval Women, Gender, and Medicine (1980-2009)

Monica Green (via MEDTEXTL): “Between 1990 and 2004, I published a periodic annotated bibliography in the Medieval Feminist Newsletter/Forum covering books and articles related to medieval women, gender, and medicine. A revised and expanded cumulative version of that bibliography has now been published and made freely available at (If the link doesn’t seem to work, try cutting-and-pasting it into a new window on your browser.)

The previously published entries have been merged into a single alphabetical list by author, and some editorial commentary has been updated or modified. I have added items that were previously overlooked or that date before the original dates covered (back to 1980), and I have added new material published up through 2009. Besides medieval coverage, I have also included a few items that cross over into the early modern period since they carry forward issues that began in the late Middle Ages. I have also noted when materials are available gratis on the Internet and (at the end of the list) which items include primary sources. (English translations are noted when available.) All told, there are about 375 entries covering literature in all the western European languages. This bibliography is intended for free use, but please note that the editorial commentary should be properly credited if cited elsewhere.”

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