Anne Mette W. Nielsen: Archive in action – A model for research and study within a multilayered environment

Archive in action – A model for research and study within a multilayered environment from Anne Mette W. Nielsen on Vimeo.

Beginning in the Fall of 2008 The Maslow Collection relocated to Marywood University where it began to be utilized as a learning laboratory, providing fieldwork experiences, internships and opportunities in curatorial and
exhibition studies for Marywood students through the Arts Administration program. The Collection also enables faculty in art history and studio arts to request individual works for presentation and student discussion in the
Maslow Study Gallery. In addition, the Curatorial Studies Archives is available for research, and is incorporated into the exhibition installations as case material for building a stronger context for the study of the works and artists in the exhibition. While at Marywood The Maslow Collection also continue to be a major resource to the larger community, loaning works to regional and national exhibitions, as well as being available for professional research and study. About the collection: In addition to prints by noted artists Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, Roy Lichtenstein and Robert Rauchenberg, The Maslow Collection now includes over 500 works from 178 artists, most of whom are represented by four or more works, with a number of artists having as many as 15 works
in various media included in The Maslow Collection. The Collection is curated by art historian Robert Schweitzer. Over the past 10 years Robert Schweitzer has also collected and organized the materials in the Curatorial
Studies Archives and created the web site that provides for the cross-referenced search tool for the entire collection:

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