Jimbeau zensiert … äh … reinigt Wikimedia Commons von Porno-Fotos und historischen Kunstwerken

Wikipedia-Gründer Jimbo (Jimbeau) Wales spielt sich mehr und mehr als Diktator auf:


Siehe aus der gleichen Liste:

I try to understand what happened, but I’m not sure whether the pieces
that I found so far add up.

* Larry Sanger is mad about Wikimedia. [apparent]
* Larry Sanger notifies the FBI and tells them Wikimedia hosts child
porn. [affirmed]
* The FBI is rather unimpressed and does not take swift action. [apparent]
* Larry Sanger informs media about us alleging Wikimedia of hosting
porn. [unaffirmed]
* The (conservative) TV station FOX reports about Wikimedia and contacts
many important companies that have donated money for Wikimedia in the
past whether they want to comment on the allegations. [affirmed]
* The companies are contacting Wikimedia to ask what’s going on.
* The board worries about losses in donations and either sends Jimbo to
Commons or Jimbo unilaterally decides to handle the case. [unaffirmed]
* Without mentioning the previous developments Jimbo starts to delete
all files that are “porn” (in his opinion, not sparing PD-old artworks
etc.). Even engaging in edit-warring and ignoring input from the Commons
community and ignoring community policies. [affirmed]
* The Commons community condemns Jimbo’s actions but has no power at all
to stop the “Founder”-flagged berserk. [affirmed]

Is this the story? Or are there any story arcs that I missed? Please
correct me, wherever I am wrong.

Marcus Buck

Auf Commons ist der Unmut groß:


Wales hat auch bekannte Kunstwerke mit seinen Schmuddelfingern angetastet:


Edit-War des großen Zampanos:


Diskussionen in der Wikipedia:



Update 9.5. : “I’ve just now removed virtually all permissions to actually do things from the “Founder” flag. I even removed my ability to edit semi-protected pages! (I’ve kept permissions related to ‘viewing’ things.)” (Wales)

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