How Harnad is insulting people

I wrote the following mail to the AMSCI-Open-Access-Forum moderated and censored by Stevan Harnad:

2010/5/16 Stevan Harnad :

> I don’t know how David Goodman (the only troll whose identity I know,
> but an exceptional one, being indeed someone with expertise in matters
> related to biology librarianship) can stand it!

This (insulting Mr Goodman as troll) is a not-excusable personal
attack not compatible with the status of a list moderator. I would
like to see that Professor Harnad isn’t responsible for the moderation of this list any more.

Dr Klaus Graf

Update: Mail from Harnad

I am delighted to hear that Dr. Graf has taken a sudden interest in
defending from insult rather than dispensing it. But I will only
approve this posting if David ask me to do so. My guess is that David
understood from context that „troll“ was being used tongue-in-cheek
here. Dr. Graf’s sensibilities are clearly elsewhere.

Autor: Klaus Graf

Historiker und Archivar, Blogger

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