Archive und Kunst: "Inventar" von Arnold Dreyblatt

Inventar from Arnold Dreyblatt on Vimeo.

“Text Source: Versteigerung der kompletten Villeneinrichtung, Wien III, Kopfgasse 1. Besichtung 13., 14., und 15. Juni 1938. Versteigerung: 17., 18., 20., 21. und 22. Juni 1938; Dorotheum – Wien Versteigerungsanstalt. (Residence of Berhard Altmann).

Descriptions of individual items from a list of approximately 1400 auctioned objects are projected as black text on a white wall. The white wall defines a possible space, or room, in a real size. The projection begins at the floor, in order to simulate the scale of an actual room. A series of imagined spaces are displayed in sequence. Within each room type, descriptions of objects scroll (i.e. writing letter by letter) in actual positions in which they might be found in such a room. For instance, at the possible height of a table, a series of table descriptions from the list will begin to scroll. Above the height of the table, text descriptions of objects which might be found sitting on a table will simultaneously begin to scroll.
The spaces are defined as group categories based on usage for a particular space (i.e. objects which might appear in a living room, for example), yet no indication is given as to a particular room name. Rather, one has an association to virtual room through percieved relationships between objects. No attempt is made to historically simuate an actual room based on documention. Rather, we are invited to imagine a virtual space, filled with the associations of ownership, yet no distinction is made as to value.

A selection from a collection of historical artifacts from the postwar Bernhard Altmann American firm (ladieswear, advertisements, publications, etc.) are projected in sequence onto a white table top which has been placed in the space. Each object is referenced in size with a measure stick. From afar, objects seem to be sit on the table, at close-up one percieves them as virtual images.

These postwar objects are represented as color images, while the ‘pre-war’ auctioned objects are represented as dynamically written black and white text in space.

Exhibited: MAK (Museum of Applied Art), Vienna, 2008 ”

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