Archives and arts: "Art Waste — What Does Info Want?" Blim Gallery, Vancouver

| Runs June 4 – 25, (2010)

Art works by:
Elee Kraljii Gardiner
Kate Henderson
Jessica Alice Gnyp
Rebecca LaMarre
Rebeccca-Ellen Farrell

Curated by:
Emiliano Sepulveda
Ray Hsu

What Does Info Want is an exhibition exploring the idea of the infoscape, a landscape which is the physical expression of information, and looks to the archive as an index for visceral experience.

By bringing together indices ranging from geological zones to pie graphs, we ask, “What is an index? What does it stand for?” In our experiences of these pieces, the hand that organizes information is ever-present, so that it becomes clear that the archive manages not only material, but also human experience. Subjective experience haunts any objectivist fantasy of information management and directs the form that the data will be communicated. This creates a myriad of ways for information to be visualized and interacted with.

The exhibition brings together a diverse group of people working across different disciplines, including science, poetry, archiving, and visual art.

Link: Blim Gallery, Homepage

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