Italien untergräbt die europäische Gemeinfreiheit

Der Beitrag kritisiert eine in jeder Hinsicht verfehlte venezianische Gerichtsentscheidung:

“In late 2022, the Court of Venice issued an interesting order restraining the use of the image of a well-known piece of Renaissance art by Leonardo da Vinci: the Study of the Proportions of the Human Body in the Manner of Vitruvius, also known as the Vitruvian Man. The artwork is held by the Italian state museum Gallerie dell’Accademia of Venice, which, along with the Italian Ministry of Culture, initiated the precautionary proceeding against the German company Ravensburger and its Italian subsidiary for producing and selling the puzzle and reproducing the work’s image. […]

In short, the original aim of Article 14 CDSM Directive—upholding the public domain and supporting the circulation of works, including the reproduction of their images—risks being seriously undermined. Any restriction on the freedom to use visual arts works in the public domain, also in terms of strong proprietary claims, as Giorgio Resta warns, or of pseudo-copyright on cultural heritage, indisputably affects the right to culture as a right to access and participate in cultural life by anyone.”

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8.5.2023 Update

Der vitruvianische Mensch (Leonardo da Vinci)
[Note: this is in the public domain, despite the photographer’s contradictory claim. Any use is permissible, and no credit to the photographer is necessary.]
Gemeinfrei, Link

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