Invitation to lead a new journal

“Dear Prof. Graf Klaus,

This is a joint letter from Asia Pacific Academy of Science, Whioce Publishing and Academic Publishing. I am Houldsworth Phua, the editor responsible for launching new journals. Many thanks for your time. Starting in 2023, we will expand the scale of our journal publishing and aim to recommend some of our new journals to be included or indexed in databases such as the Web of Science (WOS) and Scopus within 2–3 years. These new journals are supported by Internet big data, and we have selected some leading scholars in the fields to participate in leading the new journals.

We are honored to invite you to join us as the Editor-in-Chief of one of our journals, and we hope that you will accept our invitation. The work focus of the Editor-in-Chief is to lead the development of the journal by combing through the professional talents in the field. As for the daily routine work for the journal, you can designate an assistant or we will appoint a professional editor to deal with it. If you are interested in our invitation, please reply to this email soonest possible. Our designated editor will contact you and provide more detailed information for your reference. If you are not interested in participating, please also write back to inform us so that we will not disturb you again. Thank you very much!

Dr. Houldsworth Phua”


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  1. Antwortvorschlag:

    Dear Dr. Houldsworth Phu,
    I am sorry to inform you that I do not need this job since I have recently won 20.000.000 $ from a Nigerian lottery. I’d like to support your efforts and donate 1.000.000 $ to your Academy. For bank fees, please transfer 10.000 $ to my paypal address in advance.
    Dr. G. Klaus

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