ICA: Visit of Mr. Jean-Wilfrid Bertrand, director of the National Archives of Haiti

“On the occasion of a workshop organized by the French Ministry of Culture, Jean-Wilfrid Bertrand visited today at the ICA Secretariat. A meeting was held in the presence of Gerard Ermisse and Pascal Even (Service interministériel des Archives de France), David Leitch, Christine Martinez and Christophe Jacobs (ICA Secretariat).
Jean-Wilfrid Bertrand told us about the projects of the National Archives of Haiti for years to come. Whether the National Records Management Programme, the construction of a new infrastructure for archives and the creation of a university degree on documentary engineering, the energy expended by the teams of archivists, including its leaders, is intense.

The “small steps’ policy” advocated by the Director seems to be the right way to succeed, despite the earthquake. Projects will develop gradually and donors will be allowed to support these initiatives on the basis of clearly identifiable and documented projects.
Culture is part of the reconstruction phase, mentioned in the Post-Disaster Needs Assessment [PDNA] signed in New York last February. Heritage institutions have to deal with rescue operations including collections affected. For archives, there are dozens of public institutions that have been rescued by teams of volunteers. Christophe Jacobs, the responsible officer for the ICA Emergency Response Management Program, presented the report and the conclusions of the second Blue Shield International mission in Port-au-Prince last week (18th-23rd July).

The treatment center for the damaged documentary heritage will be opened soon. This structure will allow volunteers to find a suitable way to provide help in the treatment of these collections. Some are in containers, others still under the rubble, but in both cases, danger is clearly present and we should act as quickly as possible.

ICA reaffirmed to Jean Wilfrid Bertrand its full support, including Blue Shield’s project and the possibility to develop a FIDA (Fund for International development of Archives) or a PCOM (Programme Commission) project in Haiti. Colleagues will have the pleasure to meet Jean-Wilfrid Bertrand and discover these projects at our CITRA conference, held next September in Oslo (Norway). “
Link: ICA, press room

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