Mehr zu rechtsikonographischen Datenbanken

Where to find digital collections without using the omnipresent search machine that can seem to substitute further research? Even professional researchers do need some repertories, some of them well known, others an acquired taste. Portals such as MICHAEL, the Europeana portal and Intute belong to the obvious choices. Some libraries have wonderful link collections for particular subjects, but it is difficult to single out one of the world’s major libraries. On my personal list of favorite guides figures Margaret Vale’s The Digital Librarian, not only out of sheer admiration for the vast range of links on almost every subject, but also because of the useful comments. Uncommented link lists present not enough information. Some blogs have proven to be very useful even if one has to read German or Italian. The Archivalia blog of Klaus Graf in Freiburg and his NetBookWiki are very well-informed. The blogs Bibliostoria at Milan and Filosofia & Storia at Pisa often bring additional links. They give every link item its own posting, and you can search for them by category. The University of New Hampshire Library presents on its Digital Collections blog links in a similar way.

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Autor: Klaus Graf

Historiker und Archivar, Blogger

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