Dreist: Turning the Pages-Technologie bei Auswahldigitalisierung


The National Library of Medicine announces the release of a new Turning the Pages virtual book on its Web site (http://archive.nlm.nih.gov/proj/ttp/books.htm. The new book is the Kitab Aja’ib al-makhluqat wa Gharaib al-Mawjudat, literally „The Wonders of Creation,“ compiled in the middle 1200s in what is now Iran or Iraq. […] The manuscript copy itself consists of 335 leaves of paper with more than 150 illustrations, in opaque watercolors and ink, of constellations, mythical figures, and various plants and animals placed throughout the text. The Web exhibition contains a selection of these pages, accompanied by explanatory text. Hervorhebung von mir.


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