Crowdsourcing and Citizen Archivist Program

„At the National Archives, we’re always trying to think of new ways to make our historical records more accessible to the public. We have only a small fraction of our 10 billion records online, so it’s clear we’ve got to get creative.

It’s vital that we learn how other institutions address this challenge. One approach we’re seeing is for institutions to engage citizens in crowdsourcing or microvolunteering projects. These projects leverage the enthusiasm and willingness of online volunteers to transcribe or geotag historical records online.

Yesterday, we hosted a public program in the McGowan Theater called “Are You In? Citizen Archivists, Crowdsourcing, and Open Government. We heard about three innovative projects:

the World Archives Project ( ) from,
the Map Warper Project ( ) from the New York Public Library, and
the North American Bird Phenology Program ( ) from the U.S. Geological Survey „

AOTUS, 19.05.2011


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