State of Open Access

Robinson-Garcia N, Costas R, van Leeuwen TN. 2020. Open Access uptake by universities worldwide. PeerJ 8:e9410

“The purpose of this study is to present a global view of the state of OA uptake at the institutional level. For this, we have included all universities appearing in the 2019th edition of the Leiden Ranking and retrieved all their publications from Web of Science. These have been crossed with Unpaywall, a database which identifies evidences of OA for publications under the requirement that they have a DOI assigned to them. An important limitation of this tool is that it is dependent on DOIs, which means that we underestimate OA penetration overall, and especially in the Arts and Humanities fields (Gorraiz et al., 2016). Based on evidences of OA presence, we classified OA publications into four types: gold, green, hybrid and bronze. Overall, we find that around 41% of all publications contained in our data set are openly accessible. Green OA is the most common type of OA (77%), followed by Gold OA (33%).”

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