National Library and Archives of Egypt are Documenting Revolution

” “This should be the best documented pivotal event in the history of Egypt,” Khaled Fahmy explained as he went on to describe the ambitious project sponsored by the National Library and Archives of Egypt Organisation whose large number of volunteer experts have one aim: documenting Egypt’s January 25 Revolution.

Fahmy, the former professor of history at New York University, current head of the history department at the American University in Cairo authored multiple books on Egypt’s history, including All the Pasha’s Men.

Fahmy explained that he was first called by Mohamed Saber Arab, head of Egypt’s national library and archives, around 20 February, soon after Mubarak stepped down, asking him to start planning to document the revolution.”, 30.5.2011


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  1. In Egypt, History for the People “Khaled Fahmy, a historian at the American U. in Cairo, hopes Egypt’s jealously guarded National Archives can become “a research center that generates new questions.” Group hopes to encourage inquiry with an open archive of the revolution. The Egyptians who poured into the streets of their cities early this year were well aware that they were making history. “In 10 years, when I see my children studying Egyptian history, I want to say: ‘I was there,'” Ahmad, a young demonstrator on his way into Tahrir Square, told me on February 4, a week before President Hosni Mubarak was driven from office…..”

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