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„Scholarly Digital Editions (SDE) this year celebrates twenty years as an independent digital publisher ? and is relaunching itself as>. To mark the occasion, and to help scholars and readers through this difficult time, Inkless is offering free access to all SDE publications up to 1 August 2020. You can access all SDE publications through the new site, and through the links here. Our publications cover history, Dante, the Canterbury Tales, Old English and Armenian.
Historical publications: The Parliament Rolls of Medieval England (ed. Chris Given-Wilson et al), at; The Bayeux Tapestry Digital Edition (ed. Martin Foys) at
Dante: Dante?s Commedia (ed. Prue Shaw) at; Dante?s Monarchia (ed. Prue Shaw) at
The Canterbury Tales: The Hengwrt Chaucer Digital Facsimile (ed. Estelle Stubbes) at; The Canterbury Tales Manuscript Catalogue (Dan Mosser) at; Caxton?s Canterbury Tales (ed. Barbara Bordalejo) at; The General Prologue App (ed. Richard North, Terry Jones, et al) at
Old English: The Digital Aelfric (ed. Aaron Kleist) at
Armenian: The Leiden Armenian Lexical Textbase (ed. Jos Weitenberg) at
Of particular note is the developing version of the first of the new series of Canterbury Tales Project publications: Tom Farrell?s edition of the Tales of the Reeve and Cook, at
Peter Robinson
Inkless Editions, the imprint of Scholarly Digital Editions.“

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