More on Monograph Open Access

Colin Steele in liblicense-l:

ANU E Press publishes between 50-60 titles
a year, all of its eBooks are available free through its website
and the reader may choose to purchase a Print-On-Demand version
of the book. ANU has over 3 million eBook downloads a year. The
ANU E Press website is at:‘

The current top ten is, in terms of downloading. It’s been
interesting for the E Press to note the varied geographical
spread of downloads for each title.

ANU E Press Top 10 most popular eBooks in 2010

1.Ethics and Auditing – 93, 627

2.The Islamic Traditions of Cirebon – 77, 400

3.Aboriginal Placenames – 64, 964

4.Aboriginal History 33 – 59, 322

5.Myanmar-the state, community and the environment – 54, 769

6.China: Next Twenty Years of Reform and Development – 49, 105

7.Islamising Indonesia – 43, 502

8.TA 28 – New Directions in Archaeological Science – 41, 676

9.Anomie and Violence – 40, 245

10.Dictatorship, Disorder and Decline in Myanmar – 39, 044

This is not the time to re-engage with Stevan Harnad on OA
monographs, but there is a growing OA monograph trend which the
Australian E Presses continue to promulgate. Given the limited
distribution globally of a print academic monograph, often quoted
sales of 200-300 copies with 200 remainder, then e-OA versions
have an ability (with POD as required) to disseminate scholarly
knowledge much more widely than is currently the case,
particularly where trade „university publishers“ increasingly
have to eschew academic content.

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