BLUEBIRD / 2011 Framepool/ LBB/ FireFlies Challenge from Milena Z. Petrović on Vimeo.

writer and director: Milena Z. Petrović
narrator: Marko Živić
director of photography: Damjan Radovanović
editor: Milena Z. Petrović
original score: Nemanja Mosurović
sound designer: Aleksandar Protić
producer: Emote Productions
year: 2011

The story of the short film „Bluebird“ represents the reflection of the history of human suffering through the futuristic vision of a robot child. It combines extremely provoking and emotional archive material with a fictional image of plausible futuristic sterility and perfection, but with the lack of compassion or empathy towards all humanity. „Bluebird“ questions not only emotions within an artificial life, but the emotional and moral state of the world today, throughout the words of Charles Bukowski: „But, I don’t weep. Do you?“

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