Film "Holy Blood"

“The ghost of an actress visits the theater in which she once played. Frank, a returned veteran, is on the run for a crime that is both sinister and absurd. An archivist discovers a mysterious script hunted by three masked men. The surreal netherworld in which these three characters never quite meet is The Earlville Opera House, where once upon a time a musical was staged, “Little Athens on the Erie Canal.” We eternally return to an elaborate architecture from which there is no hope of escape.

We made this film in response to our own questions about censorship. We have found that at times, artists are their own worst censors. Still we fight to express ourselves and encourage other artists in a world that is often not hospitable to their creativity.

HOLY BLOOD will be screened in cinemas and festivals across the US and internationally.

Lotte, the Actress: Alexandra OʼDaly
Frank (the Soldier): Christpher Greco
The Informant: Dave Bartlett
Master of Ceremonies: Earl Ewing
Usher, Stagehand: Craig Natoli
Pianist: Mason MacDowell
Musicians: Steven Blais & Chris Vescey
Masked Men: Michael Getnick, David Marr & Joseph Mettler
Understudies: Lauren Mettler & Alain Douchinsky
Stage Manager: Patti Lockwood-Blais
Barmaid: Wendy Mowery
Hunter: Dave Mowery
Robb: David Marr
Ben, File-Boy: Joseph Mettler
Shirley, the Archivist: Stephanie Joyce
Mr. Demill: Dave Dardzinki
Janitor: Jack Schenck
Potted Palm: Briana Vibbard
Popcorn Seller: Chuck F”

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