US Civil War Resources

The world and how we communicate and share information has changed completely from the way we did things in 1961 – the 100th anniversary of the start of the United States Civil War.

This year, the 150th anniversary, we have blogs, websites, and many other online resources to learn from and explore. This presents a unique opportunity in human history for those of us alive today.

We can drill down into local affects of war without leaving our homes. We can read letters and journals that used to be locked up in private collections or in rare book archives in libraries. We can see family histories online thanks to the hard work of thousands of genealogists and tale keepers in thousands of families from all walks of life.

We can see high resolution photos of monuments, museums, and battlefields. We can watch panel discussions and lectures online even if they are occurring half a nation away from our homes. This is a great time for history buffs to be alive as the number of online resources multiplies every month.

Autor: Klaus Graf

Historiker und Archivar, Blogger

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