"klausgraf has 3099 links" – Und tschüss delicious

Ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass es bei delicious so schlimm wird:

http://plan3t.info/2011/09/28/die-karawane-zieht-weiter (jp)
http://beweblog.wordpress.com/2011/09/28/delicious-update-gau-3-0 (Seb. Wolf)

Es werden immer nur 10 Links angezeigt, was das Ganze nutzlos macht. Nun warte ich, da ich mich nicht mehr an mein Passwort erinnere, dass ich ein neues anfordern kann, aber das funktioniert derzeit nicht. Auf eine Mail kommt dann folgendes:

This is only an automated reply, but we wanted to confirm that
Delicious Support has received your email about an account migration
issue. Our small, dedicated team is available during pacific time
office hours, Monday to Friday but we are working extra hours to dial
everything in after our re-launch.

If you haven’t already, please make sure that your email to the
migration support team includes your Delicious username and a detailed
description of your issue, including the type of data affected. We’ve
been getting a ton of mail and can’t respond to everyone, but are
posting the latest info about the migration our blog here:

In terms of login issues, the following might be helpful:

1. There was a password reset bug hitting some users trying to reset
their password. We just rolled out a fix that should resolve this
issue for most users. If you were trying to reset your password, and
were hitting a page without a valid reset link, go ahead a try again.

2. For previous Delicious users who logged in through their Yahoo!
account, you were asked to choose a new Delicious username when you
opted in to the AVOS terms of service. If you’ve forgotten the new
username you chose, use the password reset link on the sign-in page to
have a reminder sent to your Yahoo! mail account.

3. If you missed the opt-in and can’t access your old Delicious
bookmarks, unfortunately that data remains with Yahoo! since they
never got your permission to move your account. We’re investigating
methods for those users to recover those bookmarks from Yahoo!, but we
don’t have anything definitive to report at this time.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience that bugs or migration issues may
have caused. We know it can be infuriating when things don’t work like
you expect. We’re working hard over here to keep fixing things,
re-introduce familiar Delicious features, and keep the site moving
forward. Thanks for your patience.

Team Delicious

Update: Gottseidank fiel mir das PW wieder ein. Bei Diigo ist mein Import-Request in der Schlange …..

Siehe z.B.

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