UPenns Ms. Codex 1604 nun online

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Manuscript collection of texts of hymns and prayers bound with slightly later printed pastoral works appropriate for a priest. The first 6 gatherings of the manuscript section (f. 1-72) contain 86 hymns and prayers in Latin with interlinear German, each followed by a German translation, including Conditor alme siderum (f. 1r), Veni redemptor genitum (f. 1v), Criste redemptor omnium (f. 7r), Ave maris stella (f. 14v), Veni creator spiritus (f. 38r). Some of the Latin texts in this section have numerical notations above words. The sequence Ave praeclara maris stella, with Latin and German text intermingled, has been added by another hand on the last leaves of this section (f. 70v-72r). The last gathering of the manuscript section (f. 73-86), in a different hand and slightly different format, contains 30 hymns in Latin all with numerical notation above words in the text and with marginal commentary. Notes by later hands are dated 1556 (f. 86r) and 1553 (last flyleaf). Printed works precede and follow the manuscript section. An edition of the Liber florum beati Bernardi abbatis Clarevallensis printed in Augsburg in 1519 comprises the first half of the volume. Editions published in 1515 in Leipzig by Melchior Lotter of the Stella clericorum, an anonymous 13th-century pastoral handbook, and the Secreta sacerdotum by Heinrich von Langenstein, follow the manuscript section.

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