Before Plan S, There Was Latin America’s AmeliCA

However, the open access (OA) movement also faces a different dilemma. Whilst, on the one hand, more science and research is being made openly available, on the other, five publishing companies continue to control a dominant stake in producing the legitimate research outputs required for research evaluation. Legitimacy in this instance meaning inclusion in the ‘mainstream’ research indexes of the Web of Science and Scopus, agencies that produce metrics, such as the journal impact factor, and within which commercially published journals are generally better positioned.

Open access strategies, such as Plan S, should be discussed globally. We are still waiting to know how cOAlition S is planning to support and engage with other OA business models. We would like to see Plan S not as a narrow program to replace the pay to read model with a pay to publish model, but as a more comprehensive solution to achieve OA.

schreiben Eduardo Aguado-López und Arianna Becerril-Garcia in “Social Science Space”.

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