Johannes Schöner and Achilles Gasser, 1545

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Dear Illustrissimi,

As our first fully-cataloged book in the University of Miami Library's Jay I. Kislak Collection, we have just finished the record for the copy of Johannes Schöner's De iudiciis nativitatum Libri Tres (Nuremberg: Johan Vom Berg and Ulrich Neuber, 1545).

You can see our local record here:

What is important about this particular copy is that it has inscribed on its title page a statement of ownership by Achilles P. Gasser, stating that it was a gift from Schöner himself 29 October 1545. It is annotated relatively heavily, and includes Gasser’s own astrological associations for a series of locations in Europe in the final pages of the volume. Gasser and Schöner, along with Georg Joachim Rheticus (former student of Schöner), formed part of the network around Copernicus, crucial in disseminating the latter’s ideas, and urging him to publish his work.

The copy will be digitized and made publicly available by the University of Miami Library Special Collections as part of the Jay I. Kislak Collection, with access provided “through 2D and 3D digitization, online exhibits, and a collaborative virtual library” (see UMiami’s catalog for the inaugural exhibition in May 2019, Open New Worlds: A Journey Through the Kislak Collection p. 40).

Here is the Austrian National Library digitized copy, though I note that they have included as part of the edition a separate broadside tipped in (after the title-page which has a poem on its verso):

All the best,
Linde M. Brocato
Lead Cataloger, Kislak Collection
University of Miami

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Jay I. Kislak Collection of the Early Americas, Exploration and Navigation, Special Collections, University of Miami Libraries, Coral Gables, Florida

17.7.2019 “est Achillis P. Gasseri L : ex dono D. Ioannis Schöneri author[is], è Nureberga Velcuria[m] transmiss[us] 29 octobr[is] a[nn]o 1545.” (Terence O’Connel via Linde M. Brocato, slightly corrected) – Velcuria = Feldkirch

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