Sad news from the Money Museum, Utrecht

From: Catherine Eagleton

Dear all,
Many of you will already have heard the sad news about budget cuts and job losses at the Geldmuseum Utrecht, in the Netherlands. This museum has had financial difficulties since its creation in 2004 from a merger of the Royal Coin Cabinet, the Dutch Mint Museum, and the collection of the Dutch Central Bank, most recently in 2008 resulting in 6 collections management staff losing their jobs. Now, despite the efforts of all who work there, and the new director (who was faced with this problem as soon as she arrived in 2009), the financial challenges remain.
The result of this is that a reorganization and refocusing of the museum is in progress. The main activity of the museum will now be financial education, and while there is still an internationally-important collection there, it will now be looked after by just two curators, who will focus mostly on doing exhibitions. The collections- and research-related activity will be dramatically scaled back, meaning that nine of our colleagues in the Collections and Research Department at Geldmuseum Urecht will lose their jobs, and while there are plans to keep the library open for limited hours each week, this will be run by volunteers.
I’m sorry to have to bring this sad news to you all – my thoughts are with our colleagues in Utrecht.
Catherine Eagleton
Dr. Catherine Eagleton
The British Museum
Curator of Modern Money
Great Russel Street
WC 1B 3 DG London

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Ein Gedanke zu „Sad news from the Money Museum, Utrecht“

  1. Einschränkungen beim Utrechter Geldmuseum Es ist in der Tat traurig das dieses Museum sich jetz kaum weiter entfalten kann. Gerade im edukativen Bereich gehörte und gehört das Museum zu den für Kinder interessantesten Museen in Utrecht. Die eingeschränkte Offnungszeiten sind eindeutig nicht einladend für Forscher. Für die Netzseite wäre allerdings zumindest eine Zusammenfassung in English, Deutsch oder Französich hilfreich für den Interessierten im Ausland.

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