History for Ukraine

Best wishes to all taking part in tomorrow's #HistoryForUkraine 24-hr event from 12pm GMT on Sat 26th: https://t.co/sZkCyn4uh4 That's all the speakers (incl. many Fellows @RoyalHistSoc); all the creators (esp @geneastories); all who watch & donate to @decappeal #twitterstorians — Royal Historical Society (@RoyalHistSoc) March 25, 2022

Ukraine’s Culture Minister says Russia is destroying cultural sites

“The ministry said in the city of Kharkiv, Russian forces shelled the Assumption Cathedral; parts of the Kharkiv National University of Arts; and dormitories of the Kharkiv State Academy of Culture. People had used the cathedral to seek refuge from the violence, the ministry said. In Ivankov, near Kyiv, the museum of “world-famous artist Maria … „Ukraine’s Culture Minister says Russia is destroying cultural sites“ weiterlesen

Weltkulturerbe der Ukraine in Gefahr

https://archaeologik.blogspot.com/2022/03/putinswar-und-das-kulturgut-der-ukraine.html https://taz.de/Krieg-in-der-Ukraine/!5835644/ Um digitalisiertes Kulturgut will sich kümmern: Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online (SUCHO): https://www.sucho.org/ http://www.rare.univ.kiev.ua/eng/index.php3 (vgl. https://archivalia.hypotheses.org/20584) ist derzeit nicht erreichbar. Siehe auch http://escriptorium.univer.kharkov.ua/ http://rarebook.onu.edu.ua:8081/

Free access to CEU titles on Ukraine

🇺🇦@CEUPress makes its most pertinent titles on Ukraine and its neighbours freely available on the @ProjectMUSE platform! For a deeper look into the history of Ukraine and how it affects the present, you can read, download and share the eBooks➡️https://t.co/iEfAmc2oKZ pic.twitter.com/HRXYq8iLEO — Central European University Press (@CEUPress) March 1, 2022 Working link: https://ceupress.com/article/2022-03-01/ceu-press-provides-free-access-ten-its-titles-ukraine

Die Kiewer Rus: Geteilte Erinnerung in der Ukraine und in Russland

https://www.bpb.de/themen/europa/russland/295403/die-kiewer-rus-geteilte-erinnerung-in-der-ukraine-und-in-russland/ Kiev: Saint Sophia’s Cathedral flickr photo by Jorge Franganillo shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license In Kiew wächst die Angst vor der Zerstörung der Sophienkathedrale: https://www.vienna.at/kiew-angst-vor-zerstoerung-der-sophienkathedrale/7311896

Archiv in der Ukraine zerstört

My good friend Greg is a historian focused on the crimes of the Nazi occupation in Chernihiv Oblast. The Russian invader has just destroyed his life's work. pic.twitter.com/i72oclQCJX — Joel Wasserman (@joelw_762) February 27, 2022 Via HR Unbestätigt: https://twitter.com/search?q=Chernihiv%20archive&src=typed_query https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:SBU_office_in_the_Chernihiv_Oblast

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