Key Open Access Concepts Excerpt: The important things to note in the basic definition are that open access deals with peer-reviewed articles or preprints and that free access to these works is not equivalent to open access. Open access also requires no restrictions on how published material is subsequently used except to require that proper attribution of the … „Key Open Access Concepts“ weiterlesen

Digital Medievalist

In the inaugural issue of DM (The Digital Medievalist), a new peer-reviewed on-line journal for technology and medieval studies at Guyda ARMSTRONG and Vika ZAFRIN, Towards the electronic Esposizioni: the challenges of the online commentary Arianna CIULA, Digital palaeography: using the digital representation of medieval script to support palaeographic analysis Hoyt N. DUGGAN with … „Digital Medievalist“ weiterlesen

Open Access Primer

Peter Suber has written a helpful short Open Access overwiew for those who are new to the concept: A few comments: Suber gives his text the title: “Open access to peer-reviewed research articles and their preprints” My opinion is: Open Access is a wider concept. “Open-access literature is digital, online, free of charge, and … „Open Access Primer“ weiterlesen

Scottish Archive Network launches its catalogue

On October 21, the Scottish Archive Network (SCAN) officially launched its online catalogue. SCAN has been gathering, negotiating, and digitizing for four years, and has been online at least since February of this year when I blogged a note about it. Quoting Magnus Magnusson at the launch ceremony: “SCAN, the new Scottish Archive Network, has … „Scottish Archive Network launches its catalogue“ weiterlesen

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