NL: Landmark Digitization Agreement

P R E S S R E L E A S E Utrecht, 30 January 2009 Digitisation of heritage collections comes closer Unique agreement between libraries and right holders Dutch libraries, archives, and museums recently reached agreement with right holders on the digitisation and accessibility of their heritage collections. The organisations representing the libraries (FOBID) … „NL: Landmark Digitization Agreement“ weiterlesen

Apenet – Portal der Nachäffer ?

„APENET is a project supported by the European Commission in the eContentplus program and its objective is to build the European Archives Gateway where twelve European National Archives [auch das Bundesarchiv] in close cooperation with the initiative will create a common access point to European archival descriptions and digital collections.“ Ab dem 15. Januar werden … „Apenet – Portal der Nachäffer ?“ weiterlesen

Open Access: Not the Best in 2008

The best of 2008: 10. The launch of Europeana. Already large and valuable, on track to be more so, unifying many smaller projects, and committed to OA for its public-domain contents. Europeana is not large, nor valuable, see ?s=europeana It’s a very small amount of the large bulk of digitized European materials. For digitized books … „Open Access: Not the Best in 2008“ weiterlesen