Post-publication Peer Review with an Intention to Uncover Data/Result Irregularities and Potential Research Misconduct in Scientific Research: Vigilantism or Volunteerism?


Forensic Sciences in the Middle Ages

Giles, Herbert Allen. “The ‘Hsi Yüan Lu’ or ‘Instructions to Coroners,’ Translated from the Chinese”, Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine – Section of the History of Medicine, issue 17, 1924, pp. 59-107 is online at:

The Italian pseudo-intellectual property and the end of public domain

Blog entry by Roberto Caso:

“The ex post facto judicial creation of an eternal and indefinite pseudo-intellectual property leads to the violation of the principle of the numerus clausus of intellectual property rights.

One of the many paradoxes of this adventurous (and unscrupulous) interpretive judicial operation is the application of the logic of exclusivity to works (cultural heritage) that belong to humanity (and only by historical contingency are in the custody of the Italian State) and were created at a time when neither economic copyrights nor personality rights existed.”

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The University of Vermont has launched an (diamond) open-access academic press

“Fully funded by the university and overseen by UVM Libraries, the UVM Press operates under a “diamond open access model” – meaning that authors pay no fees to publish with the press, and readers pay no fees to access the press’s published materials.”

Bal des Ardents: Perhaps the strangest scandal from the Middle Ages took place on 28 January 1393 in Paris

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Miniature en couleurs représentant une salle richement décorée, avec une assistance d'apparence noble et au milieu quatre personnages enflammés qui se tordent de douleur. Domaine public, Lien

Seven researchers discuss the challenges posed by science’s embrace of one global language (2019)

Free version of the article in “Nature”:

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A Call to Diversify the Lingua Franca of Academic STEM Communities​ (2021)

Overcoming Language Barriers in Academia: Machine Translation Tools and a Vision for a Multilingual Future (2022)

Exclusion of the non-English-speaking world from the scientific literature: Recommendations for change for addiction journals and publishers (2022)

Over-reliance on English hinders cognitive science (2022)

Language Barriers in Organismal Biology: What Can Journals Do Better? (2023)


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