Carl Malamud gewinnt vor dem Obersten US-Gericht: Georgias amtlich kommentiertes Landesrecht ist nicht urheberrechtlich geschützt

Malamud seeks to unlock Smithsonian archives

Carl Malamud, who has spent two decades cajoling the government into putting public data online for free, is confronting his latest institutional Goliath. The Sebastopol activist has launched a new campaign targeting the Smithsonian Institution and its policy of charging licensing fees to use public images downloaded from its vast collection of historic American artifacts. … „Malamud seeks to unlock Smithsonian archives“ weiterlesen

Malamud’s International Amateur Scanning League The league plans to upload NARA’s collection of 3,000 DVDs in what Mr. Malamud calls an “experiment in crowd-sourced digitization.” See also On Malamud see our earlier posts: ?s=malamud

The plan to mine the world’s research papers “Over the past year, Malamud has — without asking publishers — teamed up with Indian researchers to build a gigantic store of text and images extracted from 73 million journal articles dating from 1847 up to the present day. The cache, which is still being created, will be kept on a 576-terabyte storage facility … „The plan to mine the world’s research papers“ weiterlesen

Economist on Public Sector Information The state has long been the biggest generator, collector and user of data. It keeps records on every birth, marriage and death, compiles figures on all aspects of the economy and keeps statistics on licences, laws and the weather. Yet until recently all these data have been locked tight. Even when publicly accessible they … „Economist on Public Sector Information“ weiterlesen

US: Free our Law! If you want to search federal court documents, it’s not a problem. Just apply online for an account, and the government will issue you a user name and password. Through the postal service. And once you log in, the government’s courthouse search engine known as Public Access to Court Electronic Records or PACER, will … „US: Free our Law!“ weiterlesen

US: Public Domain got sold off Carl Malamud writes: Readers may remember a previous Boing Boing post Did the US gov’t sell exclusive access to its legislative history to Thomson West? Well, the answer is now a definitive yes, that data has been sold down the river and is out to sea. http://Public.Resource.Org sent in a FOIA request to GAO … „US: Public Domain got sold off“ weiterlesen

Smithsonian images

To: The Internet From: for Subj: Date: May 19, 2007 We write to you today on the subject of http://SmithsonianImages.SI.Edu, a government ecommerce site built on a repository of 6,288 images of national significance. The site is breathtaking in scope, with imagery ranging from the historic cyanotypes of Edward Muybridge to historic … „Smithsonian images“ weiterlesen

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