Controlled Digital Lending by Libraries „Controlled Digital Lending (CDL) is an emerging method that allows libraries to loan print books to digital patrons in a “lend like print” fashion. Through CDL, libraries use technical controls to ensure a consistent “owned-to-loaned” ratio, meaning the library … Weiterlesen

Claremont School of Theology Donates 250,000 Books to the Open Library „This gesture of radical solidarity of one library with its fellow library (the Internet Archive) couldn’t come at a better time, given last week’s lawsuit by four major publishers to end the Open Library and challenge its legal basis … Weiterlesen

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Section 3: Best practices: István KENYERES (Budapest/HU) “The Hungarian Archives Portal: A Common Solution for Digitized Archival Material and Databases” Budapest City Archives established the Archive Portal of Hungarian Self-governing Archives ( by the commission of the former Hungarian Ministry … Weiterlesen